Pearson Huyser – Basketball Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tour 2016 by Pearson Huyser

On the 24th of July I went to America with the NZBA ( New Zealand basketball academy) to the U.S.A to play in the Las Vegas Big Foot Hoops tournament. 

We played teams from all across America and some from Canada. The tour for me was incredibly eye opening towards the way  the game is played in the states compared to New Zealand, The level of intensity is much high of that in New Zealand and shows why they have the best league in the world.  I also realized that as a country, we may be small but we managed to come up in the top 4 of this massive international competition.

I learned that with perseverance and daily practice I can work my way towards any goal I set for myself.  It’s not about being a ‘natural talent’ or having the ‘right height or body type’, it’s about how I apply myself and the choices I make daily to improve my game, how much I choose to focus in training.

As well as doing my best at trainings, I take note and apply all the practical things I learn through Hoop Club Kapiti (with awesome coach Angelo Robinson) and my Paraparaumu College coach (Bert Prvanov)  and use these to improve my game in small steps.

 There’s always a spot for a really dedicated person in basketball.


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