Football Girls – Regional Premier 1


1. A fairly general question here!  You have just earned promotion to the Capital Football Trophy competition after the last three seasons being mid-table in division 2 – so the team is looking forward and excited to be there this year?


We are all very excited at the prospect of a new challenge and opportunity to improve our skills against new competition but of course we are a little nervous too as we know that the competition will be a lot more fierce and challenging then the division we have been playing in. We look forward to representing Paraparaumu College at this level and we hope to try and show that we are there for a reason!


2. You have just finished the first round in the northern group with a series of 2-0 wins and then a 1-1 draw with Tawa, what were the team’s expectations heading into the start of this season, and what were the highlights or pleasing performances of the first part of the season so far?


Heading into the season our team was purely aiming to play to our best ability each game. We felt that we had a good chance at doing well this year as most of us have been playing together for several years and have really grown as a team and hope to continue growing as a team. The outcome of our grading games left us ecstatic as we won our first game, and the following games we were able to uphold this level which we were all very happy with and fortunately by working hard the rewards came alongside.


3. [Following on from above] You have got defending champions Wellington Girls’ College first up, so good to have an early competition test against them.


Yes, we are looking forward to playing a new side who are well experienced in this division and to learn from them as this will hopefully help us in the weeks to come. We are nervous and know that it will be a really difficult game but are still aiming to play to the best of our ability and prove that we are a team willing to give it 100% in this new division.


4. Who are 2-3 of the key players –  or If not wanting to single out individual players –  what are the strengths of your team as a whole this year, on and off the pitch as well?


Our team is truly just an awesome bunch of young women, and everyone has such character and determination, and a great group both on and off the pitch, with a brilliant attitude towards each other and opposition. We are all very close friends who can have a laugh and enjoy the games and we feel that helps us play so well together.


5. What is the age and experience of your team, is it a new young side or a team that has grown together over the past season or longer?

Are they mostly year 13s, or a mix or younger footballers coming through?


Most of our team is made up of year 12’s but we do have a range of years 9-11 as well. A large portion of our team have had the privilege of playing together for three years now and have bonded very well, each of the new players we gain have fit in perfectly with the rest and everyone gets along so well. We are all looking forward to this season very much!



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